Special Ease-of-Payment and Cash-Back terms:

The following terms will apply to all bookings confirmed before the 28th of February 2023.

Ease-of-Payments terms:

Price is as per our website Dates and Prices page less any applicable party discounts,

  • 10% of Price, (minimum $300) to be paid by bank transfer at the moment of confirming your booking. This sum is considered a non-refundable Booking Fee.
  • 20% of Price paid by bank transfer at least 30 days before your date of arrival.
  • The balance of Price less sums advanced, around 70%, to be delivered in foreign currency banknotes on arrival in Cuba. (British pounds, Swiss francs, Euros, Canadian Dollars or US dollars are all acceptable and their worth in US$ or Cuban pesos will be calculated at the moment of transaction.) 

Special Cash-Back offer:

Once the Price has been paid up in full as per the above terms, you will be awarded a Cash-Back of 10% of the initial Price exclusive of any additional options* you may have selected by way of our Booking Form.

Such Cash-Back payment to you will be made by common agreement.

*30% of all additional options selected via our Booking Form must be paid up via bank transfer at least 30 days before arrival and the balance delivered in foreign banknotes upon arrival.